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Donatella Izzo, I followed you home 2015

The Dreamers

Abandoned places in a notable state of neglect are the central theme of  this project, born in 2013 and still ongoing, which finds in the perceptive disorientation the common denominator of its producton.

Izzo builds a parallel dimension through a transfigured and enigmatic vision of reality which forces itself upon the audience, destabilizing their comprehension and making them  look for new interpretations.  In this series the artists recovers the forgotten places and inserts characters with strong personalities who forcefully take possession of the space creating unsettling images of  disorientation and turmoil.

The subjects of the photographs interpret the good and the beauty, the purity and the strength, but decontextualized from their usual "habitat" and putting them into a different one, makes surface new themes, inspiration, impressions connected to the cruelty of abandonment, neglect and uncertainty. 

In these artworks the artists recovers abandoned, forgotten and dangerous places where these new characters now live, placed for contrast and antitone. Charachters, objects and, generally, "alien" entities with strong personalities, forcefully taking possession of the space unsettling images of  disorientation and turmoil.

They are considered as utopian dreamers because, not perceiving the danger of these places, they, hopeful, make it their home and challenge them firm and fierce not running away from the desperation and desolation.

The artist uses metaphors of the protagonist subjects or objects to activate a perceptive short circuit guiding the viewer to make short but deep jumps into the subconscious,  forcing them to dig in the most deep "self" and personal memory, looking for a new sensorial balance.

donna con barca2.jpg
Donatella Izzo, L’accogliente (tribute t
the guardian.jpg
Donatella Izzo, Jesus love me, 2015, sta
Donatella Izzo, Ho visto il vento passar
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