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The white show, 2020, Finestra in ferro


Through an exploration of linguistic form which include photography, paint and installation the artist looks into

the fragmentation of individual and collective identity, now bereft of the sense of belonging from the mystic and trascendental side of life itself.

The accent is put on the search for a submerged and dark spirituality that re-surfaces when religious symbols  meet everyday objects. 

The opposition of degli elements forcefully put together is able to creat an emotional tension, as perceptive destabilization. 

The rational comprehension falls and, in this moment, reveals the supernatural, that energy which evryone posses, tablet to fo beyond the physical appearance of things,  beyond nature or physical laws, with the spiritual side of life.

In the project ThisHumanIdentity the investigation on mental illness and its relation with sacrality of life in all of its shapes, finds a big space. The artist uses artifacts from extreme realities such as abandoned asylums and creates installations reconstructing real locations, decontextualized from their place of origin, stimulating new questions and putting the accent on of the the darkest side of the human personality. In a slow and immersive approach, the spectator is invited to decipher messages,  to catch the exceptional even when negative, when this  coincides with the words reclusion, isolation, loss of "SELF".

Schermata 2021-02-11 alle 15.46.53.png
Schermata 2021-02-11 alle 15.46.37.png
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Dì soltanto una parola, 2020, installazi
Donatella Izzo, Sweet medicine, 2020, St
The mentalist room, 2020 installazione c
la reazione 2.jpeg
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